Wand Massagers

Wand Massagers
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AcuPoint 10-Function Travel Massage Vibrator | 848518016942 | Wand Massagers Out of Stock

AcuPoint 10-Function Travel Massage Vibrator

With its discreet size, cord-free body, and soft angled head, this power-packed wand is ideal for on..

44.95€ Ex Tax: 37.46€

Nalone - Electro Wand Massage Vibrator

Designed for an all-over body massage. This elegant massager has a powerful motor and a hidden secre..

109.96€ Ex Tax: 91.63€

Svakom - Emma Mini Wand Massager

Mini Emma is a powerful smaller version of our popular wand vibrator. It’s designed especially for w..

59.90€ Ex Tax: 49.92€

Svakom - Emma Heating Wand Massager

This is a powerful and lasing massager that can be used at any angle, with constant heating function..

109.90€ Ex Tax: 91.58€

Fifty Shades of Grey - Rechargeable Wand Massage Vibrator

Relax your muscles and achieve full body satisfaction with the Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow! Rechar..

99.95€ Ex Tax: 83.29€

Inmi Fiori Vibrating and Gyrating Rechargeable Wand Massage Vibrator

This double sided wand offers two unique sensations, for twice the pleasure! The smooth, rounded hea..

114.95€ Ex Tax: 95.79€

Wand Massagers


With a wide variety of patterns or just with their super strong vibrations, wand massagers are equipped to provide the best stimulation experience on your clitoris and vagina. The design of the products in this series makes it easy to stimulate your whole vaginal area and you may use them for a full body massage if you’re feeling tired.


Take a relaxing and smooth bath then lay down and enjoy the deep vibrations only a wand massager can provide you.


Their heads vary from small and discreet to bigger and bulkier, it always depends what’s your cup of tea; most of the wand massagers we offer at SugaSpank will offer you strong vibrations to further elevate your sense of arousal. 


Unlike a dildo or a classic vibrator, the massager is designed to give stimulation to the outer part of your vagina, thereby working best when laying it on the clitoris. You could top it off by having your partner deep inside you while bending on your knees and have the wand massager stimulate your vagina. Your orgasms will never be the same!