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Chastity Device Has Leather Strap & Nickel-Plated Steel Rings

Put your penis in purgatory with the Gates of Hell Chastity device! This chasity devices is made up of a series of nickel plated steel rings (5 or 7 depending on your choice) and is attached together by a leather strap. The first ring is for your cock and the balls the rest of the rings are to secure the penis.

The 5 ring version: the first ring is 5.1 cm inside diameter. Then there are three 3.8 cm rings, followed by one 3.2 cm ring. The entire length is about 11.4 cm.

The 7-ring version: the first ring is 5.1 cm inside diameter. The second and third rings are 4.4 cm, the next three are 3.8 cm, and the last one is 3.2 cm. Entire length is about 12.7 cm.


Product Details
Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Minimum Diameter 3.00 cm
Total Length 11.40 cm


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Strict Leather Gates of Hell 5 Gates

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