Strict Leather

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12 Inch Leather Slapper with Holes

Has your partner been a bad boy or girl? Need punish them for their misdeeds? Well this slapper is t..

44.95€ Ex Tax: 37.46€

5 Snap Rubber Cock Ring

Get harder, stronger and go longer with this 5 Snap Rubber Cock Ring. Cock ring is highly adjustable..

17.95€ Ex Tax: 14.96€

Boot Suspension Restraints

Leather Foot Binders For Suspension PlayHeavy duty leather ankle restraints capable of suspension ov..

364.95€ Ex Tax: 304.13€

Cat Tails Vegan Leather Hand Whip

This mini cat-o-nine-tails features a split manmade leather backing covered with a layer of polyuret..

14.95€ Ex Tax: 12.46€

Deluxe Locking Bondage Belt

Has your lover been naughty? Lock them up in this wonderful, high quality Deluxe Locking Bondage Bel..

149.95€ Ex Tax: 124.96€

Deluxe Locking Wide Padded Cuffs

Triple layered and thickly padded, forged out of durable black leather, and boasting thick, solid me..

139.95€ Ex Tax: 116.63€

Devil's Tail Slapper

This slapper has a long handle with a pointed leather end (which resembles the tail of the devil). T..

139.95€ Ex Tax: 116.63€

Dominance Leather Strap-On Harness

This enticing leather harness has an open crotch design and is low slung for an ultra sexy look. The..

94.95€ Ex Tax: 79.13€

Double Strap Leather Slapper

This double layered slapper is flexible and pliable enough to bend as you need it, but heavy and thi..

59.95€ Ex Tax: 49.96€

Hanging Leather Strap Cage

This incredible bondage device is made of sturdy leather straps, designed to enfold, enclose, and en..

499.95€ Ex Tax: 416.63€

Heart Tip Crop

Up for a game of role playing with the King or Queen of hearts? The Heart Tip Crop from Strict Leath..

44.95€ Ex Tax: 37.46€

Heavy Duty Silicone Flogger Out of Stock

Heavy Duty Silicone Flogger

This fierce silicone flogger has 4 thick tails which will provide a heavy thud and intense sensation..

44.95€ Ex Tax: 37.46€

Leather Ball Gag Harness

This ultra restrictive locking ball gag harness will make sure your sub will not be able to wriggle ..

89.95€ Ex Tax: 74.96€

Leather Cock Ring with Penis Sheath

Have some amazing CBT play with these soft premium leather penis sheaths! With a built in cock ring,..

79.95€ Ex Tax: 66.63€

Leather Covered Humbler Out of Stock

Leather Covered Humbler

Bend your sub over and lock on the Humbler to keep them on their knees with their ass in the air! Th..

174.95€ Ex Tax: 145.79€

Leather dildo harness

This premium leather dildo harness is perfect for a man to strap on another cock, for a world of hot..

114.95€ Ex Tax: 95.79€

Leather Mouth Gag with Rubber Ball

Keep your sub from speaking while giving them a mouthful as well! Incorporated on the inside is a ru..

59.95€ Ex Tax: 49.96€

Leather Pleasure Mini Flogger

Get a handful of pleasure and pain with this pint sized hand flogger. The man made leather is soft a..

12.95€ Ex Tax: 10.79€

Locking Cock and Ball Ring

This device is a mix between a cock ring and basic chastity device.The way it works is the leather s..

44.95€ Ex Tax: 37.46€

Locking Rubber Collar

Heavy Duty Locking Rubber Collar. Locking design prevents the wearer from removing without the key. ..

64.95€ Ex Tax: 54.13€