Spreader Bars

Spreader Bars

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Bondage Bar with Hand & Ankle Cuffs

With this bondage bar you can keep your sub safely contained for as long as you want. Your sub's han..

54.95€ Ex Tax: 45.79€

Strict Leather X-Hog Tie Spreader Bar with Restraints

Tie them down with this X-Hog Tie! Your dirty little pig will have no chance of escape once locked i..

174.95€ Ex Tax: 145.79€

Strict Leather Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar

Lock up your prisoner with this great device. This locking spreader bar will lock into place your pa..

194.95€ Ex Tax: 162.46€

Spreader Bar

Softly padded leather cuffs, fixed on a metal bar. Bar telescopically extendable from 35 to 60 cm...

129.00€ Ex Tax: 107.50€

Intimate Spreader strong | 4024144517305 | Spreader Bars Out of Stock

Intimate Spreader strong

Black labia spreader that stimulates the G-spot due to its shape. Made out of flexible wires with a ..

29.95€ Ex Tax: 24.96€

X Hogtie Bar | 2901000004402 | Spreader Bars Out of Stock
Spreader Bar 76 cm | 2901000004396 | Spreader Bars Out of Stock
Easy Access Spreader Bar System | 848518009357 | Spreader Bars Out of Stock

Easy Access Spreader Bar System

This ultra comfortable and versatile restraint system has everything you require in a spreader bar! ..

54.95€ Ex Tax: 45.79€

Easy Access Restraint System | 811847012602 | Spreader Bars Out of Stock

Easy Access Restraint System

This device is getting many compliments. It is comfortable, versatile and an inexpensive spreader sy..

39.95€ Ex Tax: 33.29€

Black Steel Adjustable Spreader Bar

Keep your plaything in place and spread them wide with this darkly sexy spreader bar. Made of durabl..

79.95€ Ex Tax: 66.63€

Abacus Vice Double Bar Pincher

The Abacus Vice is a modern, sleek, deceptively simple design adapted from an ancient pinching techn..

26.95€ Ex Tax: 22.46€

60 cm Bondage Bar

This versatile bondage piece goes beyond the standard spreader bar. The lightweight metal bar is a f..

54.95€ Ex Tax: 45.79€