Sex Furniture

Sex Furniture
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Liberator - Wedge Black

A little lift can make a big difference. It's been called a 'must-purchase' by Timothy Ferriss (The..

126.00€ Ex Tax: 105.00€

Liberator - Two-Play Fleshlight Mount Black | 845628079775 | Sex Furniture Out of Stock

Liberator - Two-Play Fleshlight Mount Black

The thrill of a threesome for you and your partner. Two Play says it all: indulge in double penetra..

222.00€ Ex Tax: 185.00€

Liberator - Top Dog Fleshlight Mount Black

Free your hands to enter your fantasy. This sturdy faux leather Shape houses your Fleshlight in the..

211.00€ Ex Tax: 175.83€

Liberator - Ramp Black

Pitch perfect for performance and comfort. Give you and your partner more access and stability whil..

224.00€ Ex Tax: 186.67€

Liberator - On A Mission Fleshlight Mount Black

For your wildest missionary fantasies. If you enjoy sex in the missionary position, On A Mission is..

222.00€ Ex Tax: 185.00€

Liberator - Heart Wedge Merlot

Make your heart sing. Perfectly contoured for the derriere, the Decor Heart Wedge provides a sweet ..

104.00€ Ex Tax: 86.67€

Liberator - Flip-Ramp Black

Versatility was never so sexy. The Flip Ramp is the perfect combination of functionality and discre..

244.00€ Ex Tax: 203.33€

Liberator - Fascinator Throe Merlot

Save the sheets for sleeping. These supremely plush throws are specially designed to slurp up love ..

146.00€ Ex Tax: 121.67€

Liberator - Bonbon Toy Mount Black

Treat yourself to something delicious. Ideal for solo play, the BonBon is a fan favorite. The super..

100.00€ Ex Tax: 83.33€

Liberator - Black Label Wedge Black

A sexed-up slice to play with your sensations. Wicked and wonderful, the Black Label version of the..

189.00€ Ex Tax: 157.50€

Liberator - Black Label Ramp Black

Take tease to another level. Experience the thrill of being angled high and held down. Savor every ..

292.00€ Ex Tax: 243.33€

Liberator - Axis Magic Wand Mount Black

Cast a spell with your Magic Wand. The Axis-Magic Wand takes the versatility of our Axis Positionin..

188.00€ Ex Tax: 156.67€

Hanging Leather Strap Cage

This incredible bondage device is made of sturdy leather straps, designed to enfold, enclose, and en..

499.95€ Ex Tax: 416.63€

Ultra Inflatable Position Master | 603912226195 | Sex Furniture Out of Stock

Ultra Inflatable Position Master

Fetish Fantasy Ultra Position Master Indulge in your wildest fantasies with this Inflatable Positio..

74.95€ Ex Tax: 62.46€

Hanging Rubber Strap Cage

This incredible bondage device is made of thick, durable rubber straps, designed to enfold, enclose,..

524.95€ Ex Tax: 437.46€