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Are you ready to try electrosex and are you looking for a strong, durable powerbox? Then the Powerbox Deluxe from Zeus is the perfect choice for you. The box has 6 channels that connect easily to electrodes. With the turning knobs on the top of the box you easily control the frequency. The Powerbox also comes with a timer.How does it work? Just plug the cables into the powerbox. Attach the electrode pads. Plug the box into an outlet. As soon as the cables and electrodes are attached you are ready to go. The pads are easy to place on the body. With the accupoint pen you simply find your most sensitive spots. We suggest the use of an electrogel with the pen as well as the pads. The Powerbox Deluxe is suitable for an exciting solo adventure or an exciting evening with your partner. Use the set together or alone and explore the boundaries of yourself or your partner. CAUTION: Never use electrodes on sensitive, burnt, damaged or irritated skin. Never place the electrodes above the navel, prevent dangerous situations. If you have heart issues or have suffered from heart failures, have a pace maker or if you wear a medicine pump we do not recommend the use of electrosex sex toys.


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Colour Gray
Material Rubber


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Powerbox Deluxe For Electrosex

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