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Luxuriously designed, gorgeously detailed and perfectly body safe, this lovely silicone kegel strengthening set of 'O' Balls hails from the high end Posh collection.

This particular set of Balls, the likes of which has been steadily growing in popularity thanks to a certain grey-shaded erotic novel, consists of two plush silicone weighted spheres meant to tone and tighten, while providing deliciously discreet pleasure.

The benefits of this type of toy are definitely well documented, strong PC (pelvic floor) muscles play a big role in making sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner, allowing more control over sensation, and giving you the ability to tighten up your sex muscles at will to grip your lover or a toy tighter to bring them (or it) closer to the sensitive vaginal walls.

Strong pelvic floor muscles can also help tighten and tone after giving birth, and can help with possible incontinence issues. Aside from the sexual fitness effect, wearing the Balls provides a deeply pleasurable feeling as the free form weights (2.6oz combined) within each Ball jiggle and roll with movement.

Many women wear this type of toy as a way to prime for sex, constant awareness of the Beads inside can be extremely arousing.

Made from high end silicone, the Posh Balls are silky and temperature sensitive, warming deliciously to match body heat with touch and wear.

Silicone is also incomparably hygienic, it's nonporous and wipes clean with little effort, for more thorough sterilization, you can boil or bleach the Balls, or place in the top rack of the dishwasher. Use a good quality silicone lubricant with this toy, silicone formulas should be avoided, as should storage with other silicone products and toys.

Weighted orgasm balls covered with luxurious Silicone
Perfect for your kegel exercise routine
Sturdy retrieval ring
17.75 cm x 3.75 cm



Product Details
Colour Pink
Material Silicone
Minimum Diameter 3.75 cm
Total Length 17.75 cm


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Posh Silicone

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