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This set of graduated butt plugs is the perfect kit for anyone ready to experiment with anal play. Each plug is gently tapered with a rounded tip to allow you to slowly work up accommodating a larger sized anal toy. Grab some lube, go at your own pace, and let the smooth surface glide in, gently expanding you. The plugs narrow down to a smaller stem after you make it past the widest point, and a wide base keeps your toy in place and lets you easily retrieve it. The glossy pink material is slightly flexible, yet firm, and provides a playful visual appeal as you challenge yourself to move up from one size to the next.

Measurements: Large Plug: 13 cm overall length, 12cm insertable length, 5.2 cm max insertable diameter, Medium Plug: 12.4 cm overall length, 10 cm insertable length, 1.48 inch max insertable diameter, Small Plug: 12 cm overall length, 10 cm insertable length, 3.2 cm max insertable diameter

Material: TPE
Color: Pink
Note: Price includes all 3 plugs


Product Details
Colour Pink
Contents 3 Pieces
Material TPE Soft Plastic
Minimum Diameter 0.75 cm


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Pink Anal Plug 3 Piece Kit- Packaged

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