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GNARLY is a swollen monster dick that’s covered in thick, protruding veins…this fucker is so detailed it looks like you could actually feel it throbbin’ deep up your guts.

GNARLY is made from our signature Pure Platinum grade silicone so it’s sleek n’ smooth to the touch but still firm enough to feel like a real jumbo hog pumpin’ your hungry cum-hole.

GNARLY has a hollow core that’s perfect for sloppy hole-play…. pour j-lube down it and grease him up from the inside, empty your bladder in him, use it to give him a messy beer enema then see how much of your paw you can shove in him…the piggy possibilities are endless…

GNARLY may be hollow, but it can still stretch n’ fuck your ass open like any solid dildo…

It’s one gnarly ride…  

Lube safe: waterbased, oil based, water/silicone hybrid, silicone. Cleaning: detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in a diluted bleach/water solution.

Made in the USA from our signature Pure Platinum Cure Silicone


Product Details
Colour Black
Material Silicone
Minimum Diameter 5.90 cm
Total Length 17.80 cm


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Oxballs Gnarly Hollow Dildo/Butt Plug - Black

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