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You joke about sex with your friends but do you really tell them everything you do, think or have on your mind? How much are you willing to disclose about yourself and how good are you at guessing your friends’ state of mind?

Openhearted Sex Talk contains more than 100 varied, surprising and challenging questions and assignments that will seduce you and your teammates to be sincere about the sexiest topics. Taking turns, you will each pull a card with a question or assignment, quite like the following examples:
- Suggest an idea for a wonderful and erotic date with your lover.
- Have you ever said 'yes' on a date when you meant to say 'no'? Why did you do that?
- What kind of relationship would your teammates think most fit for you: marriage, no strings attached,
dating someone or life as a bachelor?

Or let your fellow players surprise you with their sexual fantasies and preferences, because... do you know
their wishes and limits?
These and many other questions and assignments will provide for revealing answers, hilarious moments,
serious thoughts, sexy discoveries and above all... a lot of fun together!

This challenging game is meant for 2 or more players and can be played with anyone and anywhere you like.

Language: Dutch


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Openhearted Sex Talk

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