Hog Ties & Body Restraints

Hog Ties & Body Restraints

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Under the Bed Restraint System

Make your bondage game even more exciting with this bed restraint system. Because of the adjustable ..

74.95€ Ex Tax: 62.46€

Hogtie With Hand and Ankle Cuffs

Complete your bondage game with this fun set! The set consists of handcuffs, ankle cuffs and a hogti..

69.95€ Ex Tax: 58.29€

Neck and Wrist Restraint

Show your sub who's in charge with this exciting bondage set! The set consists of a harness strap, h..

59.95€ Ex Tax: 49.96€

I Like It Doggy Style Strap

Lovers of the Doggie Style sex position can't miss this special Doggie Style sex strap! It allows yo..

37.95€ Ex Tax: 31.63€

Black Leather 4-Point Hog Tie

With this versatile leather hogtie you can make every bondage game extra thrilling.Use it for exampl..

19.95€ Ex Tax: 16.63€

Tease Me & Tame Me Ball Gag & Hand Restraints Set

With the Tease Me & Tame Me bondage set from the Crimson Tied collection you are ready for an exciti..

49.95€ Ex Tax: 41.63€

Acquire Easy Access Thigh Harness with Wrist Cuffs | 848518023087 | Hog Ties & Body Restraints Out of Stock

Acquire Easy Access Thigh Harness with Wrist Cuffs

Your submissive lover wants to be even more vulnerable to your desires! Put them in this positioning..

59.95€ Ex Tax: 49.96€

Strict Leather Wrist to Neck Restraint

This is the ultimate in restraints and will certainly top off any fetish outfit with another dimensi..

194.95€ Ex Tax: 162.46€

Strict Leather Hog-Tie

Hog tie that pig of a partner up with the Strict Leather Hog Tie Clip. The rotating snap hooks make ..

49.95€ Ex Tax: 41.63€

Strict Leather Arms to Chest Restraint Belt

Keep your subs arms in place with this Strict Leather Arms to Chest Restraint Belt. Once put on, the..

469.95€ Ex Tax: 391.63€

Leather restraint

Leather restraint. Collar cuff, two upper arm cuffs, two wrist cuffs and two ankle cuffs to be secur..

169.00€ Ex Tax: 140.83€

Leather neck and hand cuffs

Cuff set consisting of a neck and two hand cuffs. The hand cuffs can be attached to the neck in the ..

59.95€ Ex Tax: 49.96€

Leather Hogtie 3 straps | 4024144288526 | Hog Ties & Body Restraints Out of Stock

Leather Hogtie 3 straps

With this leather hogtie connection piece the possibilities are endless. It is made of three straps ..

29.95€ Ex Tax: 24.96€

Deluxe Locking Bondage Belt

Has your lover been naughty? Lock them up in this wonderful, high quality Deluxe Locking Bondage Bel..

149.95€ Ex Tax: 124.96€

Tipping the Velvet Vaginal Splay

Allow your body to be a playground in the most carnal ways. Tipping The Velvet by Frisky is a Vagina..

22.95€ Ex Tax: 19.13€

S&M Flexible Coil Restraints: Black | 646709326104 | Hog Ties & Body Restraints Out of Stock

S&M Flexible Coil Restraints: Black

Soft, flexible, but sturdy. Use as restraints or twist into a slapper loop. Just bend and twist arou..

36.95€ Ex Tax: 30.79€

Rope Cuff & Tether Set

Explore the seduction of ancient Japanese rope-play with this beginner's Rope Cuff and Tether Set. T..

39.95€ Ex Tax: 33.29€

Over and Under the Bed - Bondage Set

This is a really versatile bondage set. There are 8 different points where you can tie up your partn..

54.95€ Ex Tax: 45.79€

Master & Servant Set | 603912215076 | Hog Ties & Body Restraints Out of Stock

Master & Servant Set

Act out your deepest desires and take turns role-playing - one minute you're in control, the next th..

33.95€ Ex Tax: 28.29€