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GLYDE Ultra latex condoms are manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards. Glyde's exclusive, patented "double dipping" manufacturing process makes our condoms especially strong without increasing the thickness, thereby creating a sheer, ultra fine sheath. In fact, GLYDE condoms, at just 65 microns thick (a micron is a millionth of a metre), are one of the thinnest, most comfortable condoms available. And because GLYDE condoms contain no animal by-products, they are suitable for vegans to use. Tests by both the manufacturer and independent testing agencies provide testimony to the quality and strength of GLYDE condoms. Please note however that no condom can withstand sharp fingernails, diamond rings and metal body jewellery. It is also important that condoms are not left in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme heat. Glyde Blue are blueberry flavoured, blue condoms.

Made of natural rubber latex
Vegan Society approved condoms
53mm nominal width
Finest Quality by Double-Dipping Process
Blue condoms with fine blueberry flavour


Product Details
Colour Transparent
Contents 10 Pieces


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Glyde Ultra - Blueberry - 10 blue condoms

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