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Tease your plaything with this dual featured Silicone Bit Gag + Nipple Clamps. Affixing the bit gag over your playthings open mouth and securing it by way of the sturdy, adjustable silicone belt style strap. The back closes with a standard rolling buckle, and offers full adjustment. The gag is made of premium silicone and held securely in place by two metal O rings. This devious device is taken up a notch with the addition of two connector chains that feature two adjustable pressure, Alligator style nipple clamps. These clamps are great for varied pressure play. The tips are vinyl coated for comfort and adjust with the screw located at the tips. Once these are affixed to the nipples of your plaything, you can control just how much pleasure or pressure they deserve. Simply adjust the level of intensity by turning the screw located near the tip of the clamp. Oh the possibilities...

Clamp Material: Steel and vinyl
Gag: Silicone
Strap Materials: Metal + PU (poly) Synthetic Leather, Measurements: Clamp adjustable between 40 and 61 cm.


Product Details
Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel


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EQUINE - Bit Gag plus Nipple CLamps

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