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Anal Shower Head Nozzle - Black

Anal Shower Head Nozzle - BlackContains one anal shower head which can be attached onto a standard 1..

8.95€ Ex Tax: 7.46€


A perfect cream to play fistgames, but be warned, impossible to have safesex in combination with con..

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Depth Charge Sound 17.78 cm Black Out of Stock

Depth Charge Sound 17.78 cm Black

Sounding is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing fetishes among men. You already spend half o..

33.95€ Ex Tax: 28.29€

Jock Lock Blue

Jock Lock is a great updated version of the traditional Ass locks. This 100% Premium Silicone assloc..

49.95€ Ex Tax: 41.63€

Locker Room Hose Extra Large - Blue Out of Stock

Locker Room Hose Extra Large - Blue

The ultimate clean out accessory. Super flexible Pure Platinum Silicone for easy clean-out sessions...

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X-Man Silicone 245 ml Out of Stock

X-Man Silicone 245 ml

X-Man silicone lubricant is a transparent long-lasting massage lubricant containing no water, grease..

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