Fun & Penetrating Pleasure with Classic Dildos 


Silicone Dildo Laid D.1 A classic dildo is probably the simplest sex toy of them all. Yet, you can use it any way you want, since it's versatile enough to be suitable for vaginal, anal or even clitoral stimulation. Mostly made out of silicone, classic dildos serve the couples ( or individuals ) that are more keen on penetration than vibration. 


They come in several shapes and forms. In our collection of classic dildos you can find really smooth surfaced and non-curved dildos, curved dildos with ribs and g-spot stimulation curvature that stimulate your most intimate parts in the best possible way. Try a dildo while performing oral sex to your partner, or let him take control and penetrate you with your favorite dildo to warm you up for some naughty sex! 


Classic dildos are perfect for gifts as well. They are really discreet sex toys that don't require to be hidden at all times so your loved one won't be embarassed if someones gets a glance of their closet. 



Notable mentions

  • Simple and fun to use
  • Vaginal & Anal Use
  • Easy to clean & store
The D.1 is made of 100 % medical grade silicone. It is a hand held dildo intended for both partner a..
Ex Tax: 50.00€
From American legacy, Doc Johnson, the new reality in lifelike materials - TRUSKYN™, an iconic sensa..
Ex Tax: 70.79€
Slightly curved dildo with stimulation grooves. Applicable from both ends. Length: ca. 17.8 cm. Ø ca..
Ex Tax: 16.63€
Textured Dong Out of Stock
If you are looking for a dildo that can easily adjust to your body, then you have to get this curved..
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Lifelike sensation with a Realistic Dildo 


Realistic and Penis DildosRealistic dildos are the most sold sex toys along with classic & rabbit vibrators and it's no doubt that people really like them for their resemblance to a true man's penis. In SugaSpank you will find a vast variety of realistic dildos.


Some come with veins and textured surface so you can feel every inch like it's the real thing penetrating you, others are really smooth and without veins so you can enjoy them just as much but feel them slide inside you easier! 


Realistic dildos are made from silicone or PVC and they usually have suction cups on their base. With the suction cup, you can stick your dildo to any flat surface ( on the bathroom floor or on a wall ) and let it penetrate you deeply while you have your hands available to play with other parts of your body, or satisfy your partner at the same time!


Check out our Fleshjack realistic dildos, molded directly from male pornstars! They're made from 100% silicone and they come in different sizes, shapes and colours. 


Lots of real penis like dildos for you to choose here from SugaSpank, satisfying your need of a real life sensation inside you! Make the move and add one to your collection right now! 




Notable mentions

  • Closest to the real thing
  • Suction cup gives you freedom of movement
  • Testicles & veiny surface
If you like the feeling of handling the real thing, then make sure you add this realistic dildo to y..
Ex Tax: 20.79€
FleshJack Boys Kevin Warhol Realistic Dildo with Balls Out of Stock
A dreamily firm, perfectly formed dildo from the Fleshjack Boys line of ultra detailed, incredibly r..
Ex Tax: 45.79€
FleshJack Boys Brent Corrigan Realistic Dildo with Balls Out of Stock
Thick, long, breathtakingly detailed and dreamily firm, this perfectly formed dildo from the Fleshja..
Ex Tax: 45.79€

Anal Dildos : Your ticket to Anal Pleasure! 


Bulbed Anal DildoDildos are an essential accessory of a sex toy enthusiast, especially anal dildos! With our collection of anal dildos, you will find yourself enjoying the anal stimulation more than ever before. We stock a big variety of dildos designed for anal penetration and stimulation, made from silicone, metal, PVC and Latex. 


Try an inflatable anal dildo if you want to feel your anus expand and get bigger and bigger! Or you could try one of our textured anal dildos, similar to anal beads, but bigger in length and girth so you can pleasure yourself even more.


Anal dildos are a perfect stimulant for pre-anal preparation, getting you ready for the real thing. Using them with a water based lubricant you will achieve a more pleasurable penetration, while maintaining the safety of your anus from any unwanted painful encounters. 


It's essential to use an anal dildo in a way that does not cause you pain. Ask your partner to be gentle when inserting it inside you and never push your limits too far! Anal stimulation is vastly different from vaginal and/or clitoral stimulation, so grab your anal dildo from SugaSpank and experience this very unique feeling as soon as you can! 




Notable mentions

  • Suitable for anal preparation
  • Can be used for extreme anal play
  • Varations in sizes & textures
The Four Stage Rocket Dildo is a great new challenge for any big toy enthusiast. This huge cock has ..
Ex Tax: 137.46€
The stylistic design of the ZiZi anal dildo is perfect for the enthusiast. The top of the butt plug..
Ex Tax: 15.79€
A smooth plug with delicious curves that are easy to insert. The wavy shape gives a great stimulatio..
Ex Tax: 14.13€
COLT Jumbo Probes Out of Stock
Man sized premium Silicone probeSturdy, durable and pliableHeavy-duty suction cup baseSilicone..
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Extreme pleasure with our Extra Large and Fisting Dildos!  


B-10 Warhead Extra Large DildoIf you're a size queen, then look no further! Satisfaction taken to the extreme with our wide selection of Extra Large & Fisting Dildos! We stock over 100 extra large dildos for your never ending appetite! A dildo so big is certainly NOT for the faint-hearted and is recommended to be used along with the right type of lubricant ( usually fisting lube or even silicone lubricant - where compatibility with the sex toy is not an issue - ).


These dildos are used either vaginally or anally, by both men and women who like to be penetrated deeply and have their private parts expand to great sizes. 


Being a lover of giant dildos is something that can be found even in "everyday" couples who love playing with sex toys and are eager to try and test their limits every time they are enjoying themselved in the bedroom. In SugaSpank you will find the famous All Black dildo collection, the Oxballs range of huge dildos as well as the very well known American Bombshell and Bulder Sex Toys.


The possibilities with these very big dildos are really endless once you get to surpass the generic limits of your body, making you a very experienced player if not a passionate lover of huge sex toys. 


We also stock fisting dildos so you can replicate the vaginal/anal fisting sensation which is really unique and hard to achieve with anything else than a real hand. Grab your huge dildo from SugaSpank and enjoy absolute discretion and maximum pleasure! We guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase. 




Notable mentions

  • Will get you stretched out
  • Ideal for men & women
  • No other sex toy will give you such a feeling
Are you a fan of fisting? Then this large fisting dildo with realistic design is the toy for you. It..
Ex Tax: 58.29€
Have you had a lot of experience with anal dildos, and are you looking for a new challenge? Then thi..
Ex Tax: 99.96€
For the fun we gave it the nickname “the elephant.” This is the biggest cock that comes with a suck..
Ex Tax: 95.79€
Standing firm at the (very) extreme end of an already impressive line of extra hardy, larger-than-av..
Ex Tax: 116.63€

Glass Dildos : A touch of elegance 


Ribbed Pink Glass DildoSophisticated design, supreme material quality, ability to be heated or cooled with lots of other exciting features and you have the best glass dildos on the market. Whether it's a normal looking dildo, a curved or extremely textured one, or even a butt plug, we have them all!


Glass dildos feel so special that you and your parnter will love them. They come in fancy colors and most are double sided so you can choose which side to insert and when to insert it! ( vaginal or anal penetration is easy with almost any glass dildo )


They are made from borosilicate glass and provide a firm feeling that no other toy ( besides metal ) can offer. They are really easy to clean, just add some soapy warm or cold water and you're ready to go!


Glass dildos are also compatible with all types of lubricants, from water based, to silicone based and even oil based lubricants. They are perfect for having them as a helping hand while having sex, or for warming up during foreplay time.


You can find a glass dildo for your needs from our big collection. We also stock vibrating glass dildos which we are 100% positive you will love!! The tingling sensation and the extraordinary design will make you curl your toes from excitement. Choose your glass dildo and indulge in a very different type of play with a sense of elegance.




Notable mentions

  • Extraordinary feeling
  • Really easy to clean
  • Can be warmed & cooled for temperature play
Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass ma..
Ex Tax: 24.96€
Icicles No. 35 Out of Stock
Elegant, upscale, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, this luxurious line of glass ma..
Ex Tax: 58.29€