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Delving deep inside the anal canal to reach effortlessly toward the nerve-ending rich prostate gland, Colt's Buddy Balls combines thick, strategically designed anal beads with a stretchy, cock ring added to enhance stamina, support and sensation. The ring fits securely over the base of the penis and testicles, keeping the unit in question firm and supported through playtime, be it solo or shared.

Along with the obvious erection-enhancement benefits, the Buddy Balls provide supremely targeted anal stimulation. Offering a gradual set of beads that naturally stimulate during the insertion and removal process, it also seeks out the male g-spot. Once the ring is in place, the shaft is placed to penetrate, easily resting against key male internal erogenous zones all along the nerve-ending rich anal canal.

Attached to the back is soft, flexible string of anal balls that fill up your back end while you play. With lots of 'give' and a manageable size, the beads are great for any skill level, even beginners. This toy is a dream with its hands free capability because the toy will always sits securely around the base of your penis. In terms of material, this toy tips the scale of safety with satin smooth pure silicone that's completely nonporous, hypoallergenic making it the perfect toy for anyone with sensitive skin.

Always remember to use a great waterbased lubricant for any anal play. The anus is not naturally lubricated so make sure to use a lot for an incredible slip and slide experience.


Product Details
Colour Black
Material Silicone
Minimum Diameter 1.00 cm
Total Length 24.00 cm


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Colt Buddy Balls Anal Beads

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An extraordinarily user-friendly pleasure tool from California Exotic Novelties' Love Rider Collecti..
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Delving deep inside the anal canal to reach effortlessly toward the nerve-ending rich prostate gland..
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