Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral Vibrators
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I Rub My Duckie Travel Size Clitoral Stimulator

About half the size of the original floating toy, the Travel-Size I Rub My Duckie® is sized just rig..

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Clitoral Vibrators


Clitoris Vibrators are something any woman craves when it comes to pinpoint vibrating accuracy. Our collection of Clitoris Vibrators is carefully selected so as to include the best and most popular products in the market and all the new models are added to our catalog once they’re out! 


The functionality of clitoral stimulators ranges from vibrations to air pressure stimulators, which can offer a variety of orgasmic experiences rich in pleasure and satisfaction.


The stimulation and extra pleasure felt on using a Clitoris Vibrator can be matched to that of real sex pleasure. These products are designed to provide soft and easy touch stimulation to the clitoris. It’s also very handy to carry these vibrators with you, so you’re always ready for a quickie solo with your favorite vibrating sex toy.


Though it is designed to be a women’s toy, it can be used to provide a better starting before an actual sexual intercourse or to caress and stimulate an erect penis or the testicle area!