Classic Vibrators

Classic Vibrators
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Svakom - Siime Eye Camera Vibrator

The Siime Eye is a wireless internal-camera vibrator and the updated version of the SIIME. This prod..

199.90€ Ex Tax: 166.58€

Svakom - Siime Camera Vibrator

Vibration. Pulsation. Visualization. It's all here with Siime, our most innovative design that combi..

139.90€ Ex Tax: 116.58€

Classic Vibrators


Classic Vibrators are the best toy to stimulate your hot feelings and they prepare your body and mind for a night of hot play or sex. You can use it on any part of your body but they're meant to be used for penetration of your intimate area. ( who would have guessed?! ) 


If you or your partner want to spice up things a little bit, it is the best way to get you started! Classic Vibrators are available in different shapes and models. Some of them are specially designed for women and some can even be used by men on their genital area for an extra tingling effect! 


In our collection of classic vibrators, you will find a diverse collection of the most classic and also cheap vibrators of all the shapes and models so have a look and find yours now!