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Use a butt plug to make anal sex easier and more pleasurable! 


Silicone Butt PlugsButt Plugs are the most widely used sex toy for initiating or preparing for anal sex. They are shaped properly so that they fit inside the anal canal without causing distress or pain and they feature a base where it is a lot wider than the sex toy itself so it stays where you put it!


They relax the anal sphincter and make it easier for the rectum to be relaxed and ready for anal penetration. 


You can start by choosing a small butt plug at first, avoiding pain and discomfort, getting ready for a bigger size as play progresses and enjoying anal sex even more, at your own or during sex with your partner. It is adviseable to use a lubricant, at least the first times you try anal penetration.


It will make the plug slide right into your butt, with no burning or any other uncomfortable sensation. Butt plugs also come in sets, making them suitable for long time anal play since they include three or four different size variations, ranging from small to large. 


Try a butt plug right before you have anal sex, or during the day! Your anus will feel relaxed and you will get hornier and hornier the more you wear it! It’s the best way to prepare for anal intercourse but also a wise choice for the anal lover who just wants to enjoy anal penetration and pleasure while masturbating or playing with other sex toys. Anything goes! 




Notable mentions

  • Ideal for anal preparation
  • Easy to pull handle/base
  • Perfect for simultaneous penetration
Firm yet flexible, this plug is ideal for lovers of anal sex toys. The smooth and soft silicone make..
Ex Tax: 10.79€
Black anal plug with tapered tip. Silky surface for frictionless stimulations. With suction base. To..
Ex Tax: 8.29€
Simple, smooth and long, it is above all equipped with a sticky suction cup that stabilizes it on al..
Ex Tax: 19.96€
A classic toy for beginners, Doc Johnson's 5 inch Butt Plug has a smooth tear-drop shape ideal for f..
Ex Tax: 13.29€

Vibrating Plugs provide easier anal preparation 


Vibrating Butt PlugsThe wonderful effects of vibration will give your anal play a whole new set of opportunities and new ideas! Vibrating butt plugs are similarly shaped to normal butt plugs, while featuring a motor ready to make your anus feel really different! The anus is a very sensitive area of the human body and is perfect for a vibrating stimulation.


Vibrating sex toys such as butt plugs are ideal for such stimulation, making it really pleasurable and fun while at the same time loosening the path to anal pleasure. 


If you’re looking for a good solution to anal foreplay, a vibrating plug might be a better choice than a normal one. Vibration patterns make the anus relax faster and easier, letting you feel even less pain thus making the experience overall better and more desireable.


You may also plug it in and leave it there while you perform oral activities to your partner, or pleasure yourself with a dildo or bare handed! Many butt plugs feature vibrating speeds and different patterns so you can choose what makes you feel better and ready to play harder! 


Vibrating plugs are perfect for anyone who likes to be stimulated in the anal region, whether male or female! You may even both wear one as you’re having sex, it will make you both feel really different and special and will definately want to try it more than once. 




Notable mentions

  • Vibration helps the sphincter relax
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Elevates arousal in the anal area
50 Shades of Grey - Vibrating Butt Plug Out of Stock
Savour the sensation of this smooth silicone butt plug with the added thrill of vibrations throbbing..
Ex Tax: 33.29€
Booty Call Booty Rocket Vibrating Plug in Pink Out of Stock
A silky, perfectly mid-sized vibrating plug with a wonderfully curvy shape, the Booty Rocket adds an..
Ex Tax: 29.13€
Inflatable Vibrating Silicone Plug - Black Out of Stock
The Vibrating Inflatable Silicone Plug will give you the sexual pleasure that you have always dreame..
Ex Tax: 49.13€
Slim butt plug with attached cockring. Hand controller with 10-functions. Easy one button control. R..
Ex Tax: 24.96€

Decorate your butt with our fancy collection of Jewel Butt Plugs 


Metal Jewel Butt PlugsHow about some anal decoration? Jewel butt plugs have long been an item of pleasure due to their relation with actul jewelry. They’re delicate and mostly made of metal, featuring a precious stone on their base, making your butt look like it’s wearing a piece of actual jewerly!


They come in various sizes and shapes; some are smooth and long, others are ribbed and textured. It’s really easy to clean them, just use warm water and soap and you’re ready to go! 


Jewel butt plugs can be worn during the day without fear of sliding inside your anus, due to their design that makes them stop right where your anal sphincter starts to close.


Try wearing one while having vaginal sex, leaving your partner enjoy the sight of your anus with a jewel in it! Wear one under your skirt or pants, while at work or at home doing everyday stuff! 


They are also a very good option for a birthday/Valentine’s day gift, to your loved one or even to someone you know they like peculiar sex toys! It’s a totally new experience if you’ve never tried them and we urge you to buy one as soon as possible! You won’t be disappointed! 




Notable mentions

  • Perect for a gift
  • Elegant choice for couples
  • Metallic material is easy to clean
This stunning polished aluminium anal plug features a beautiful clear or pink crystal. Formed with a..
Ex Tax: 41.63€
This stunning polished aluminium anal plug features a beautiful clear crystal. Formed with a tapered..
Ex Tax: 23.29€
This stunning polished aluminium anal plug features a beautiful large crystal. Formed with a tapered..
Ex Tax: 20.79€
This stunning polished aluminium anal plug features a beautiful crystal base. Formed with a tapered ..
Ex Tax: 24.96€

Use a tail butt plug for delicious pony play! 


Fox Tail Butt PlugsA sensation that is enjoyed not only by fetishists but by all sex toy lovers! Tail butt plugs can “transform” you into the pet you want to be, making your butt look like a fox’s or dog’s butt, along with their corresponding tails.


They are made of silicone or metal and have different tail colors for you to choose the one you really identify with. 


Tail butt plugs can be useful for pony or role play, making your subject kneel down and accept your orders!


Ribbed or not, made of metal or silicone, with white/brown/black coloured tails, these butt plugs will surely excite your imagination and make your erotic play go a bit further into a fetish you will really enjoy! 




Notable mentions

  • Fetish & pony play 
  • Variety of tail types
Small Dog's Tail butt plug with a blunt tip which expands slightly downwards. The narrow neck en..
Ex Tax: 19.13€
Feel the soft tickles against your legs from the faux fur tail, and experience the filling sensation..
Ex Tax: 45.79€
Feel the soft tickles against your legs from the faux fur tail, and experience the filling sensation..
Ex Tax: 41.63€
Discover your inner bunny with this cute and fluffy Bunny Tail Plug. Experience the filling sensatio..
Ex Tax: 30.79€

Simultaneous penetration with the help of hollow butt plugs 


Pig Hole Hollow Butt PlugHollow butt plugs are used for keeping the anus open and available for penetration or other activities such as anal fisting and stretching.


A hollow butt plug functions like a normal butt plug, but it is practically empty on the inside so you can slide your fingers, other sex toys, or even your penis inside your partner’s open hole. They are made from extremely stretchy material and come in various sizes. 


Hollow butt plugs are suited for more experienced users and sometimes even for some fetish play such as pissing, fisting and anal stretching. Some of them can be also used as penis extenders, letting you wear them on your penis then penetrate your partner giving them a sensation of a bigger and wider penis!


Anal play at its best with our big collection of hollow and tunnel butt plugs here on SugaSpank. Get your hollow plug from us and start stretching your partner’s anus! 



Notable mentions

  • Suitable for anal stretching & expansion
  • Ideal for simultaneous penetration
  • Used for extreme anal games
The Rook is the newest version of the best-selling Tunnel Plug, It has a longer and thinner design t..
Ex Tax: 33.29€
Our tunnels hold up really well and go deep, a real journey to the center of your moon! You can be p..
Ex Tax: 37.46€
Flow Silicone Flush-plug Out of Stock
Flood and plug his guts with FLOW, the new silicone flush-plug from OXBALLS. Whether you’re i..
Ex Tax: 54.13€

Graduated pleasure from a big collection of anal beads


Pink Anal BeadsThey’re an anal play essential nowadays; anal beads can be really fun for both partners since they are long enough to go deep inside you and make you feel pleasure and fulfillment at the same time.


They are mostly made of silicone and they resemble a cord with multiple ball like structures next to one another. Most anal beads are graduating their size towards their end and they also have a handle so you can pull it out when the play is over.


You may also try pulling it out and putting it back in while having sex, giving your anal area a kind of pleasure that is really unique! Do not be intimidated by their size, you only have to insert as much as you can take, leaving the rest outside and only inserting it when you are ready. 


Use your anal beads with water based lubricant for easy and trouble free anal play.




Notable mentions

  • Can be used as an anal dildo
  • Ideal for vaginal penetration at the same time
  • Gives a wider depth to your anus
Are you ready for a safe and sexy way to explore anal intercourse? This beaded plug is designed to f..
Ex Tax: 16.63€
This chain of anal beads is a highly functional, high-quality toy. The chain is meant for insertion ..
Ex Tax: 16.63€
Silicone Anal Beads - Blue Out of Stock
With these anal beads from the Sex in the shower collection you are sure to experience an incredible..
Ex Tax: 23.29€
Whether you are a beginner in the field of anal sex or you have plenty of experience, with this anal..
Ex Tax: 19.13€

Vibrators suited to anal play and pleasure 


Powerful Anal VibratorsAnal vibrators couldn’t be missing from our vast collection of sex toys in SugaSpank. They are your butt’s best buddies!


They vibrate and give tingling sensations to your anal area, with their shape being suitable for anal stimulation. You may use them while having vaginal intercourse but also when performing oral sex to your partner, making their anus more relaxed and overall horny! 


Anal vibrators can be used in multiple scenarios. An anal vibrator is a sex toy that can have very different shape and design to a normal/classic vibrator since it’s good for anal use but also has wodnerful vibrating patterns that relax the anal sphincter and get it ready for penetration.


Anal vibrators can have the shape of a butt plug, that of a dildo and even the shape of a g-spot massager since it could be designed to stimulate the prostate. A really diverse category in which you can find all kinds of shapes and sizes! 




Notable mentions

  • Vibration provides easier penetration
  • Vibration relaxes sphincter
Alpha One - Unity Matt Out of Stock
The best sex you've never had. Unity is a luxury couples insertable, predominately an anal insertab..
Ex Tax: 70.00€
Stacked Ball 5X Vibe - Anal Vibrator Out of Stock
A good anal vibrator is an indispensable item in any anal lover's sex toy collection. This long, gir..
Ex Tax: 70.79€
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