About Us

We know Sex. We are Fun and Fearless. Our Customers get exactly what they want!


BMA Trading LTD is the owner and operator of SugaSpank, an Online sex toy retail shop started in early 2016 and based in the Netherlands.  


We are synonymous with romance, fun, desire, and are passionate in helping enrich the intimate lives of our customers. We accomplish this by providing customers with exciting, high quality and affordable adult products.


Products we offer


Your desire is limitless, so should your sex life!!


We’ve teamed up with top vendors and reputable manufactures in the Adult Industry to offer you an unrivaled selection of sex toys and related accessories at competitive prices. We offer the latest and the very best sex toys including vibrators, bondage products; strap Ons, Kegel Balls, Lubes, Lotions and much more, to enhance your sex life.


Our products are geared towards singles and couples looking to add spice to their romance or even educate themselves about their sexual wellbeing.


Your Privacy


We prioritize your privacy using plain, 100% anonymous packaging while making sure that “SugaSpank” will never appear on your billing statement. You can shop with ease and comfort, your privacy is 100% secure and protected. 


You can also shop without worrying about your personal information such as credit card details, since the checkout in SugaSpank is protected by the use of Comodo EV SSL certificate, to ensure maximum security for our customers. 


We care for our Customers


Your relationship with SugaSpank does not end once we deliver purchased products to you.


We deliver an exceptional and outstanding customer experience each and every time you contact us – our customer care experts are friendly, knowledgeable and professional and help solve your problems in a prompt manner.


The result – A totally satisfied customer!


SugaSpank also provides post-sale support, offering excellent customer service even after you purchase products from us. We encourage you to contact us at any time to request additional information or help concerning your product.


Our ultimate goal at SugaSpank is for you to have the most enjoyable customer experience possible, each and every time.


Shop with us Today! There is no better adult store than SugaSpank.